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Fresh, balanced, very expressive and with a Mediterranean identity.
This is what the people who make up the team at the Miquel Oliver winery are like: like a fine wine! And the truth is that Pilar (fourth generation) along with Jaume, her husband, are two winemakers who have surrounded themselves with a team that forms a little, close-knit family: a family united by a passion for wine.

Pilar Oliver

Pilar manages, organises, decides, invents, communicates, travels… And works more than anyone. She is good with people and languages and is very passionate about everything she does. You will find her supervising the grape harvest, making the wine, running tastings or designing events. And, of course, accompanying groups of visitors, telling them about the history of the winery with the same enthusiasm as if it were the first time. Jaume says Pilar has the gift of being in two places at once, which would explain how she can attend trade fairs, attend courses, organise wine-pairing meals, make wine: and do (almost) everything at the same time!
But if she really could be in several places at once, we suspect one of them would be the sea, where she likes to relax with the rhythm of the embat wind.

We think Pilar’s favourite wine would be "Aía", because it is excellent and for various reasons that Pilar will tell you.

Jaume Olivella

The fact his colleagues call him “the grape whisperer” says a lot about the sense of humour in the winery. But it also says a lot about Jaume’s dedication to caring for the vines. His attention to detail and patience are also very useful in the laboratory, his favourite place since he studied winemaking. As well as measuring and analysing, he forms a team with Pilar when making decisions during all of the wine-making process. But there is one thing Jaume likes to do on his own: escaping into the mountains, his great passion. This is where he gets back that tranquillity which is so necessary.

Therefore, it is very possible that "Mont Ferrutx", one of our classics inspired by an emblematic mountain, is the wine Jaume would choose.

Isabel Llabrés

The “crazy woman with the ideas” as Pilar has affectionately called her, is decisive, energetic, cheerful and creative; she has solutions for everything. And the fact is that Isabel is full of energy… of the good sort! She is also meticulous, fun and has initiative. The enthusiasm and affection she puts into all of her visits will capture you. Tell Isabel what you would like to celebrate and she will surprise you with her ideas and organisation. She is good with people, languages and friendly words in any language. It is impossible not to get along with her.

We cannot help but think that if she was a wine, she would be one of our rosés: "Alegría"

Margalida Bennàssar

The first thing you notice about Margalida is her smile. Not only does she keep the winery spotless, but can just as easily make a beautiful flower arrangement as prepare some tasty tapas for a group or bottle and label 1500 bottles of Aía. And all while staying unruffled. “Mum”, as she is affectionately known, is an all-rounder in the winery. She makes life easier for her colleagues and is indispensable in the day to day running.

This naturalness she radiates would undoubtedly pair perfectly with one of our emblematic whites: the Muscat.

Joaquín Montserrat

Joaquin’s colleagues say about him that “everything he does, he does well”. This includes smiling and posing very naturally (we should add) with his blue tractor. Also, as a good “foreman” he does not miss a thing. Because he has a good eye and because he notes down of all sorts of details in his notebook. He knows the land and the vines like the back of his hand; he takes care of them, looks after them and enjoys them. It is his natural habitat. This is where you will always find him, working the land, anticipating any problem.

If we tell you that the initials of our wine "Qbq" come from "Qué bo que és" (“how good it is”), you will see why we identify him with this wine.

Biel Roig

The natural habitat of Biel, this Mallorcan who is so familiar, discreet and passionate about the world of wine, is the countryside. He follows in Joaquín’s footsteps in caring for the land, the vines and the grapes. And like him, Biel does not miss a detail. When it comes to looking after the land, he cares for the vines with (almost) the same love and attention that he dedicates to his children and to the rest of his family (which, by the way, is large!).

"Son Caló" is one of the most familiar wines... We suspect it will also be his favourite.

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