What makes the soil great is that it gives back much more than we put into it. And it gives back to us in the form of vines (in the heart of the Pla de Mallorca), and of course, wine. Wine which is the result of a carefully planned process and also of working as a team with nature, where each factor and each instant count: the characteristics of the land, how it is worked, the humidity of the environment, the hours of sunshine, the rain that falls or does not fall, the care with which we look after the stock, cut each bunch of grapes or supervise each stage in its production.

Therefore, although every step is planned in detail, there are always nuances that nature and circumstances beyond our control give us. That is the magic of wine.


Our wine is born in the soil of the municipality of Petra. A very special place in the heart of Mallorca, which we look after with the greatest of care.

We complement the harvest with grapes from other vineyards in Felanitx and Manacor, which we monitor.

Designation of Origin

The Pla i Llevant D.O. of Mallorca seal, which certifies the source of our grapes and guarantees the quality of our wines, is an identifying mark reflecting the particular characteristics we inherit from the soil and those that the climate provides.


The soil here, known as call vermell, is ideal for growing vines. It is clayey and often contains gravel and stones, formed by the erosion of limestone rocks in the Mediterranean climate. It has a low organic matter content. This soil’s distinctive reddish colour comes from iron oxides. Did you know that the name of our wine “Ses Ferritges” is a reference to iron (ferro)?


The climate is Mediterranean, with mild winters, dry summers and an average annual rainfall of 45 mm.

The environment

At the Miquel Oliver winery, we do not use herbicides. We use manual and mechanical labour in all of the process of bud breaking, leaf stripping and eliminating any excess load the vine might have. This takes time and increases the cost, but it protects the environment and helps improve the quality of the grape.

Irrigation systems

Our movable trellis system enables us to take advantage of the hours of sunshine we have in Mallorca and control the humidity of the leaves and the grapes. In this way we can optimise the microclimate in the interior of the plant and considerably reduce plant protection treatments. In very dry years, we use the drip irrigation system. This system provides an exact quantity of water, focused on increasing the grape’s phenolic ripeness without increasing the amount.

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