In Petra we have laid down roots.
First, in the centre of the town, where our old winery is located. And for several years now on the outskirts, where we found the ideal location for our new building: surrounded by vineyards.

In the old winery you can still glimpse the past. In the new facilities, we are building the future…

The building housing the new winery is located on the outskirts of Petra and is surrounded by its vineyards. Functionality has predominated in its construction and it has been designed to be spacious and feature the latest technology. The priority when designing it was to optimise and control each step in the wine-making process: the proximity of the vineyard, grape reception, fermentation, barrel aging, bottling, aging in bottles, labelling and storage. And we are happy to have achieved this.

The old winery, which is very beautiful and of great architectural value, is located in the town. Its walls have watched history go past from a special position and have written the story of Miquel Oliver for a hundred years.

Nowadays we no longer make wine there, but it has been turned into an open space. Under its vaults and within its walls, we now hold events for small groups. Visits, tastings and samplings that enable us to shut the world out and enjoy a hospitable and special environment.

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