Behind each our wines, there is a story…

And at present, we have “written” twelve: one for each wine we produce at the Miquel Oliver winery. Whites, rosés and reds, with their own personalities and characteristics, talking to us through their colour, their flavour, their scent and their nuances. And doing it with passion. Because these are wines with body but above all with soul: each one with its own soul, the soul Pilar and her team put into making it and also yours when you finally taste it. This is why we always say that in the story of each wine you have the last word.


A memorable celebration. Body. Structure. Sensational.


“Intense cherry colour. Spiced aroma. Ripe fruit, berries, chocolate, toast. Tasty, meaty, rounded and with good acidity in the mouth. Mature tannins. Dried fruits. Powerful and complex. Mineral. Expressive. Balanced. Long finish. Unique.”


A new adventure. Irresistible creativity. Character.


“Intense cherry colour, with vivid violet hints. An exquisite aroma in which dense notes can be appreciated that are reminiscent of ripe fruit, spices and vanilla and have hints of toast and toffee sweets. It has an elegant structure on the palate with smooth and juicy tannins, which make it possible to appreciate all of the aromatic richness of the wine as they warm up. Subtly original retronasal aroma.”


Concentration. Violet sweets and forest fruits. Very interesting.


“Violet–red colour with very bright bluish hints. A powerful aroma in which you can detect fruit as well as different spices. Dense, clean and complex in the mouth. Balanced and fragrant. Juicy and rich.”


The jewel in our winemaking. A noble identity. Elegant.


“Very intense cherry. Powerful, complex aroma, with toasted notes from the fine woods and fruit with great varietal and mineral expression, earthy tones and very original blackberries. Full, meaty mouth, very flavourful, sweet and elegant tannins, tactile sensations that recall chocolate. Persistent. Original. A splendid single-variety merlot. Ask about the origin of its name…”


Mediterranean identity. Subtle. Charming. Typically ours.

{Callet, Manto Negro, Fogoneu}

“A beautiful dark garnet colour with a young rim. Ripe fruit aromas. Mediterranean character with spiced bottom notes. Rounded and lively in the mouth, with good acidity and balsamic notes in the retronasal aroma. Very Mallorcan.”


A fun wild journey. Harmony. Youthfulness. Freshness.

{Callet, Fogoneu}

“Cherry colour with intense bluish hints. A wine with great aromatic expression. It is meaty and fruity in the mouth, with a slightly wild bottom note. Very concentrated flavours. Long powerful retronasal aroma full of primary scents. Flavourful and fresh. A very successful wine.”


A true experience for your senses. Let it carry you away.


“Subtlety, fragility, maximum varietal expression. A delicate and powerful nose. Distinctive. Experimentation at the highest level. A true experience for your senses. Discover it.”


Distinctive. Intense. Complex. Fresh. Exceptional.


“The exceptional character of this white wine is shaped by its complex and intense varietal nose, which is not at all heavy. A fresh wine, with volume and an intense aftertaste that invites you to take another sip. Immersive. Velvety. It has an interesting retronasal aroma with floral and fruity notes. Exotic and daring touches. A wine that will win you over.”


Unique originality. Expression. Fruity. Brilliant. Surprising.


“This young wine, which has won prizes at tastings, was the first dry moscatel from Spain to be marketed. It has an attractive pale-yellow colour with greenish tones. Bright. A very fine wine, with powerful varietal aromas that are not at all heavy (delicate nose); fresh mouth, dry, balanced and very smooth, with great expression of aromas in the mouth (like eating a healthy and very ripe moscatel grape). It is very different from other Spanish moscatels. It is one of the most original wines made in Spain.”


Autochthonous. Wild fauna. Fresh. Playful.


“This wine represents a new commitment to the autochthonous, where the biodiversity of the vineyard speaks for itself. It is a beautiful yellow with green iridescence. The nose is surprised by aromas of fresh fruit, citrus, wild herbs and white flowers. In the mouth we find lightness, freshness, soft acidity and a varietal touch that makes it unique.”


Island sensation. Joyous and inspiring. Floral


“A lovely pale-yellow colour with iridescent green hints. Pleasant fresh fruit aromas with floral bottom notes. Fresh, light, lively mouthfeel. Good structure. Joyous and inspiring. Ideal for enjoying next to the sea in good company and with a spectacular sunset in the background.”


Fun, violet and wild fruits. Caramel. Very interesting.


“A pale cherry colour. Intense fresh fruit aroma. Floral and very expressive. Light and cheerful while also being meaty and fruity. Fun sweets. Persistent and very interesting.”


Attractive brightness. Balanced. Cheerful. Fresh.

{Callet, Fogoneu}

“A beautiful pinkish colour, with raspberry hints; very bright. A fragrant nose with wild berry notes. Structured with a great fruit presence. Balanced. Fresh. Direct. Flavourful and with a good finish.”

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