Oliver day! a christmas event like no other at our wineries in Petra

Our winery in Mallorca: your meeting point for events.

After several years focused on client events (weddings, tastings, workshops, celebrations, etc.), we were eager to resume our own events. So, after much brainstorming, the idea of what we named “Oliver DAY” emerged. We were so delighted by the reception of the first edition on December 9th that we have turned it into a recurring event that we will be repeated in a few months.

The essential ingredients for our events were clear: art, wine, music, “surprise” elements, and enthusiasm. However, this time, we also wanted OLIVER DAY! to be an opportunity to acquire our wine at very special prices. And so it was.

The participants could taste all our wines and savour them on our terraces. During the 3 hours of the event, not only did we lower many prices, but we also distributed various prizes (good ones!) among the buyers, such as tasting workshops, tours, and cases of wine.

The artistic touch was provided by Borja Roca, who had worked for many weeks on a mural painted on the wall of the barrel room. What better occasion to inaugurate his splendid 30-square-meter masterpiece! The artist himself presented it to us. (It’s unmissable!).

Dani Mir provided the voice and music for the event, starting off by surprise amongst the audience.

A grand Christmas tree made from wine boxes and loaded with gifts for the luckiest attendees also served as a beautiful “photocall”.

Those were a fantastic 3 hours. In addition to tasting, toasting, and enjoying very special prices, there was art, surprises, and a great atmosphere. Of course, the good weather didn’t disappoint, the sun shone and made us shine.

Living and drinking in Mallorca is truly wonderful! Mallorcan wines never disappoint.

We look forward to welcoming you any time at our wineries in Petra and to the next edition of OLIVER DAY!

To your good health and until the next edition!

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