Centenary 1912-2012

“Wine, our form of expression”

With art, as with wine, each stroke matters. Each step, each word, each note, each nuance. And with wine, as with art, you have to use all five senses, maybe even more ones. Even so, there is always something that escapes, something that cannot be controlled but that forms part of its essence. This is the magic of wine and art and of the experience we wanted to share with the guests at the event to celebrate our winery’s centenary in June 2012.

Wines with stories

Damià Rotger, typographer and poet, is the protagonist of this story from the “Wines with stories” project of the Miquel Oliver winery.

“Wines with stories” was the slogan of an audiovisual campaign in which, instead of presenting wine as an inspirational elixir and attributing to it inspiration, ingenuity and other talents it does not possess, we tried to tell stories that took place around a bottle of wine. Stories that show how real inspiration is found within people.

In these short audiovisual pieces, wine has the role of companion and witness in the stories of the protagonists, who, although they start with a scripted narrative thread, play themselves and show us the most authentic face of their talent.